Winter programme 2018/19

Tuesday 18th September 7.45pm

Dr Graham Cooper

Boundaries in Bowland and Beyond

An exploration of types of enclosures and associated boundaries such as assarts, deer parks, parks, (there is a difference), encroachments etc., ranging from early medieval to parliamentary in date.  The purpose, means and benefits of enclosure of the ‘waste’ will also be discussed.

Tuesday 16th October

Brenda Brodie and Valerie Whitaker

Lord Winmarleigh,  St Luke’s Church and Winmarleigh Village – the little known story of a big man

The talk will introduce the man, the business man, Member of Parliament, soldier and philanthropist.  It will include his life, what he did for Lancashire, his country and the little village of Winmarleigh, whose name he took for his title when he was enobled and where he chose to spend the later years of his life.

Sunday 11th November

World War 1 Exhibition

The Exhibition will start at 11.45 pm in Chipping Village Hall.

Tuesday 20th  November

Helen Loxam

The Evolution of the Lancashire Port Commission, including Lancaster and Glasson Dock

The Lancaster Port  Commission is responsible for ensuring the safety of vessels through the harbour area through the provision and maintenance of Aids to Navigation and a Pilotage service,  Helen will talk about the history and her role in the management of this organisation.

Tuesday 4th December

AGM – Jacobs Join - early start of 7.15pm

Peter Debney

My Part in the Cold War

The story of an air defence pilot.

Tuesday 15th January 2019

David Joy

Liverpool Cowkeepers

The lives and times of the Liverpool cowkeepers is an intriquing part of local history.  It is the story of the families who, in the mid 1800’s, left their farms in the Pennine dales and relocated to the city of Liverpool in order to keep cows in their backyards and to sell fresh milk to a booming industrial population. David has talked to people who have their own memories of cows being kept in Liverpool. His talk is illustrated with photos from his own family collection and from the collection of others.

Tuesday 19th  February

Dr. Alan Crosby

The Great War - Chipping and Bleasdale

Alan’s talk is really relevant to our area as he discusses the effect the Great War had on the two farming communities – Chipping and Bleasdale including the legacy they left.

Tuesday 19th March

Colin Dickinson

The History of Alston Hall

The history of Alston Hall from when it was first built in the 1870’s until it closed in 2015.

Tuesday 16th April

Steve Williams

For you the World is Over

Stories of the Lancashire men who became prisoners of war, from where they were captured, the camps, and conditions they were held in – to what happened to them in the hands of the Germans, Turks, and Japanese in the two World Wars.